I knew I was getting a big present this year since my parent’s, in-laws and Nic were all going together on it. It arrived today in an nondescript  brown box with no hint of what it could be on the return label, just “distribution center”. I texted Nic to tell him it was here and I would wait (quite impatiently) until he got home to open it. He called me back and told me to go ahead and open it while he was on the phone.

And this is what I found!

I have wanted one of these for so long, but I could never justify the cost. There have been recipes I have avoided because so much of the preparation is in a mixer and I don’t want to mess the recipe up. Plus, my hand mixer is so loud I almost never make anything while Remy is sleeping. Which, as every mother knows, that is the best time to bake – when your children are sleeping!

So thank you to my sweet, sweet husband for thinking up such a wonderful present and to my parent’s and in-law’s for pitching in and making it possible. I absolutely love it!!