I do not post too much about the little girl we babysit. I purposely do not because, although she is Remy’s second cousin, I do try to be sensitive to the fact that a) she is not my child and b) I doubt her parents want her plastered all over the world wide web without say in what is being posted. But I thought, since today is her 1st birthday, I would post a little something about her.

Stella is an incredibly sweet little girl. Where Remy and I are uptight worriers, always looking to be stressed about something, Stella is a happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine. To be honest, I did not even realize how uptight we are at our house until she came along. Remy so looks forward to every day that she is here and, one time, in the night when he was crying I went to check on him. He was crying “Where is Stella?!!”. Although they have their share of spats and definitely fight over toys, they never seem to remember the next morning because she always squeals when she sees him and he cannot wait for her to get down and run with him. We are so thankful for Stella and that we get to play a part in her life. Happy Birthday Stella! You are a gem!