We started out Smith’s birthday by cutting his hair. I was very sad about this but his floppy mop was getting a little out of control and Remy really needed a hair cut and we thought it would be easiest to do both at once. Plus, Smith’s present from Nic and I was a boat bath toy with tons of accessories. Smith loves taking baths and we thought he would like an extra long bath on his birthday.

Bad picture but here he is pre-hair cut. He looks so different now as you will see in the pictures from the rest of the day. He no longer looks like a goofy little baby but a grown up little boy. He is so handsome but it makes me sad to see that baby hair go!

He sat surprisingly good until about 2/3 of the way through when the novelty wore off.

Remy was much more dramatic about his haircut.

Opening the present in the bathroom in anticipation of his bath.

Typically Smith is pretty good about looking at the camera but he was so busy playing with his new toys he couldn’t be bothered.

Look at that little hairless babe. He had a celebratory birthday donut for breakfast. Start the sugar rush early, that’s my motto!

After his bath and donut he got to open his present from Remy.

We had family over for pizza and cupcakes in the evening. I got such a kick out of watching Smith.

He watched seriously while Nic helped him open his presents and then after they were done he got down and looked at each present closer. I honestly think he appreciated every present much more than any one year old I have ever seen.

Testing out a new toy. When Remy saw this toy he said enthusiastically “O I bet Smith is going to TOTALLY love sharing that toy with me!”

Watching Nana light the candle.

He was a little freaked out by everyone singing to him.

He decided it was ok after all.

Eating his cupcake. He wasn’t too impressed. It might have had something to do with peppermint frosting. My dad said it was a little strong, but darn it, I like to taste the peppermint in the frosting.

Blurry but that grin is classic Smith.