Remy’s birthday was so fun for me and Nic, I think Remy had fun too, but as a parent it is so fun to plan birthday’s for your kids. I’m not talking about planning an over the top, Pinterest worthy party. I’m talking about making the day fun and special in a way that your kid will appreciate.

We knew, without a doubt, that donuts would be his birthday breakfast. Remy loves donuts. The night before his birthday we were in town for a chiropractor appointment so I stopped by the grocery store to pick some up and they were completely out. I have been there at 8 o’clock on a Sunday night and they have still had half a dozen donuts sitting in the case so I was surprised they didn’t have any at all. So I got up early on Remy’s birthday, drove the 15 minutes to the nearest gas station and picked up the only four donuts they have (gotta love rural life) and some chocolate milk.

Remy was ecstatic.

After breakfast we gave him the first of his three presents. We finally got him a bike. He could have had one a couple of years ago but Nic is a bike snob and would only let him have a Trek, which are pretty spendy and outside our budget. We have been watching craigslist though and saw this one for $40 cheaper than any other used kids Trek so we snatched it up. The bike is in near perfect condition so it was a really great deal. We didn’t wrap it but put it right outside the screened in porch so we had Remy cover his eyes while Nic brought it in.

Jumping for joy!

Nic had to raise the seat so we took the bike out to the shop and then let Remy give it a try. In the picture above he is talking a mile a minute from excitement.

Nic left for work and Remy got to use the IPad for as long as he wanted, which is his dream come true. Before we left for town I wanted to take a few pictures of Remy on his birthday.

He is at the age where he makes weird faces, almost involuntarily, as soon as I pull the camera out.

That Vikings hat is pretty much a permanent fixture on him these days.

We met Nic in town and after I took a test at the library we gave Remy his second gift.

It was a pair of swim trunks that we intended to use at the swimming pool, but because of poor planning on our part it was closed during the time we intended to go swimming!

There is a nice bike trail a couple miles out of town so we took Remy on it with his bike. He did really great  for his first time but he did fall over a couple of times (Nic has the training wheels set high so he can learn some balance now) and the last time he fell over he fell in itchweed and cut his leg up pretty nicely. He got an Angry Birds bandaid out of the ordeal though so I think it was almost worth it.

Our little town does not have much for restaurant options but it does have a Pizza Ranch which is Remy’s favorite and he is always asking to go there to eat. We took him there for supper and Nic’s parents and grandma surprised him there.

This picture is Remy and Nic watching Nana and Boppa drive up.

We opened presents after we ate. Remy got his third present, which was from Smith.

Smith even got a present, some cars from Grandma Carol.

Remy got a helmet for his new bike from Nana and Boppa.

We went back to the farm and had cake, which caramel drizzled on half of it, per Remy’s request.

It was a perfectly beautiful evening, the perfect end to an almost perfect day.