Smith’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year. The Friday before his birthday I had a doctors appointment in Fergus where the majority of our extended family lives, so we decided to have a little party for him Friday night, with the intention of coming home the next day. Part way through the week our plans changed because of a school obligation of Nic’s and we ended up staying in Fergus until Sunday afternoon. Instead of switching the party to his actual birthday we stuck with our original Friday night plans.

Smith is our shy one and although he likes attention at home he does not have the affinity for being in the spotlight like Remy does. While we were all singing to him he just looked very serious and uncomfortable.

*please stop you guys!

I really went all out this year with a box cake mix and frosting from a can. Needless to say he still loved it and I only felt slightly guilty that three days later I made a homemade frozen cheesecake for my birthday cake.

Post cake.

Nic’s parents, siblings and grandma all came as well as my mom and my sister. My sister has three little kids and we rarely see them so it was such a treat for them to come. Between all of the kids that were there we counted 10 under 5 and under, it was loud and chaotic but a lot of fun.

This is JJ, my sisters son. She claims he is really naughty and needs constant discipline but every time I see him he is a perfect little angel, look at that smile!

Smith was much more interested in opening presents this year than last year.

On Sunday we had our little family celebration. We open presents right away in the morning and have donuts for breakfast. Unfortunately Smith woke up not feeling well. I think he was exhausted from lack of sleep the entire weekend and more activity than he is used to on the farm. He still managed to be really excited about the Transformer he got from Remy.

This next picture is not the best but I have so few of all of the boys together that I had to post it.

Poor Remy had to wait until he was 5 to get a bike and then we got Smith one for his 2nd birthday. We were running into a problem with Remy’s bike, Smith had figured out how to get on it but couldn’t pedal it. Whenever Remy wanted to use his bike Smith would throw a fit because he wanted Remy’s bike. So he got a helmet from Nana and Boppa and a bike from us.

He actually got the helmet on Friday night and spent a good part of Saturday wearing it even thought he did not get the bike until Sunday, he was happy just to wear the helmet around. When Remy rolled the bike into the living room on Sunday the first thing Smith did was grab his helmet and only after he put his helmet on did he climb on the bike.

He posed like this for me, I couldn’t get him to crack a smile even though he was obviously thrilled.

Birthday donut!

The rest of the day was busy with packing up and spending some time with family during the football game.