Since all of my readers know me in real life it can’t be that big of a surprise, but last week we moved to Bozeman, Montana. Without fail, when talking about the move with anyone, we get asked: “Why Bozeman?”, which makes me feel panicky and I stumble around looking for a legitimate reason that sounds good but the real reason is, we just wanted to. So there.

I know you might find this hard to believe, since it is Nic and I we are talking about, but the actual move had a lot of drama. I will try to condense it but, well… brevity is not my strong suit.


– The company we hired to install the septic on the farm finally showed up to start working on it the day we were packing the trailer and leaving the farm. That meant no water (toilet or otherwise), crap literally being tracked through the house while we were in the throes of packing, and when I laid Clark down for his nap they went down to the basement and started banging on pipes which meant no nap for Clark. I feel like that final experience just encapsulated our time on the farm really well.


The boys in the trailer at the farm

– My father-in-laws pickup that was pulling the trailer full of our stuff had some pretty significant issues less than a mile out of Fergus. After trying a few different things, we limped along until Valley City until caving and taking it to a dealership there. If you know Mark or Nic you know that taking it to a mechanic is a rare and terrible thing. In the end it turned out to be a relatively easy fix but it put us behind enough that we did not make it all the way to Bozeman that night.


Eating in Valley City while the pickup is in the shop


We finally make it to the Montana border, much later than planned

– After spending the night in Miles City, we woke up refreshed, optimistic and looking forward to eating lunch at our new home. However, between Miles City and Billings a trailer tire blew. The nearest tire shop is 20 miles away, but is thankfully open on a Saturday. In a hurry, I took off in the wrong direction and went almost 10 miles before realizing my mistake. We finally limp into Bozeman at 3:30 on Saturday, 20 hours after our originally planned arrival time.



For Reals?!!


In front of our rental


Sunday at The Garage with Nana and Boppa

We are so grateful to Nic’s parents for their help on this move!

Nic went back to Minnesota for another month to wrap up his job there, and to finish up some work on the farm so we can get it listed. I started my new job this past Tuesday and the boys have a nanny MWF and in-home childcare with a really wonderful family Tue/Thur. So far the transition has been going pretty well but we are really looking forward to having Nic with us in July.

I have good intentions to keep this blog updated on the regular since we are living further from family now, but… no promises.