Life has been a whirlwind since my last post. Only two weeks after Nic finally joined us in Montana, Clark had a series of complex seizures and was air-lifted out of Montana. I will do a belated post on the details of that night later, but as a result of that night, we made the difficult decision to move back to Minnesota.

Because of Clark’s medical difficulties and issues with childcare in Bozeman, as well as our pediatricians recommendation that Clark be kept out of daycare (he seizures seem to be triggered by infection and daycares are breeding grounds for germs), I needed to stay home with him. We also need access to specialists and to be closer to hospitals with pediatric resources. Any complex seizure would result in him being airlifted out of Montana to a children’s hospital with better neurological resources than can be found in the state of Montana. We also were struggling with Montana’s significant lack of therapy resources as opposed to the excellent services we had received for early intervention for Clark in Minnesota before our move. On top of that, we had been asked to break our lease the month before by our landlord, and we still owned two properties in Minnesota.

So, three weeks after Clark’s seizure’s, we loaded up all of our household goods (again) and moved back to Fergus Falls to the house we have been renting out for the last two and a half years. We currently have the farm for sale near Ortonville and are hoping that will sell quickly so we no longer have that liability.

We are all in a bit of shock still and struggling to process everything that has happened. Our move was pretty chaotic and we are still not unpacked which makes settling in a little difficult. I (Rachel), was offered the opportunity to work remotely, part-time, rather than having to completely resign my position in Montana. We are really grateful for this, but I am still trying to get in the swing of things while working from home and shuttling the kids around to school and the babysitter’s. Nic has only had to travel for work one week since the move which has been an immense help since he has been able to help with the kids during the week. However, two people working from home without a dedicated office space has been tough.

The kids are doing really well with the move though, all things considered. The first week or two back was the hardest. Remy is probably doing the best since he always wanted to move back to Fergus. He is starting to feel more comfortable at school and seems to be doing really well academically, thanks to how much more intense his last school was compared to this one (small, rural schools for the win!). Smith started preschool, 4 half-days a week, and seems to really enjoy it. Clark has been a little crankier than usual and had a hard time adjusting to sleeping here but is starting to settle in nicely too.

We are really grateful for all of the prayers and financial support we have received during this difficult time. Although we hope that our move back to Fergus is not a permanent thing, it is wonderful to be close to family and have access to the excellent medical and therapy resources that Minnesota has.


One of our hikes in Montana