Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but I hardly took any pictures with my camera this year. Other than hiking, these were the only non-phone pictures I took this summer in Montana. Nic lived in Minnesota the majority of the time that me and the boys were there. We lived in a townhouse style condo with a nicely landscaped little yard and really wonderful neighbors. Despite loving Bozeman, and our neighborhood in particular, it was horrendous being a single mother and the kids really struggled with behavioral issues while we were there. Between the move, me going back to work, and dad not being there it was a lot for them to deal with.

The picture of Smith with the hose is cute, but in reality, he was a little fiend with that hose. The boys were not supposed to play with the hose but would anyways (shocker, I know). When I would come outside to shut off the water and take away the hose Smith would spray me point blank with it while I was trying to take it away.  As difficult as that time was without Nic, these pictures still make me nostalgic for summer in Bozeman.