Back in the day, when I had one child and essentially was a stay-at-home mom with too much time on my hands, I used to garage sale quite a bit. Whilst garage sale-ing (is that grammatically correct?), I would often come upon car seats for sale. Since I was a good first time mommy, I knew that purchasing a garage sale car seat was verboten. After all, what if it had been in an accident, rendering it abused and unsafe?

Here is where I must stop to point out that my third child rode in a car seat that was purchased at a garage sale. I was grateful for it and he was quite safe. And yes, I am rolling my eyes at all of the self-imposed mommy safety police that deem it otherwise.

Anyways, these car seats were often priced obnoxiously high. Even worse, they were usually stained and rather disgusting. Needless to say, I was appalled. How could someone think they could get money for it? And how could a car seat become that gross looking? After all, don’t they regularly vacuum it? I mean, Remy never spilled one drop of liquid out of his sippy cup (ever the conscientious first-born).

Today, while waiting for Smith-Who-Never-Hurries to get in the van, I surveyed his car seat. A rather nice car seat that we spent quite a bit of money on. Rife with liquid stains, the white and blue patterned car seat looks more dark gray, with strange yellowish stains in random places. Down in the corner are some crushed Doritos that are of unknown age. The other corner is filled with non-descript crumbs. The car seat straps are set too low from the last time that Clark used it. I thought back to those 3 1/2 years of parenting one, very clean, child. When I did not work more than a few hours a week, or need to shuttle multiple children multiple places, or make time for 3-4 therapy appointments a week, or spend around 2 hours of my time a day just feeding one child (not to mention all of the other normal, daily tasks a mom does). What did I do with all of my time? Apparently, I cleaned.