Clark, you are 2 (yesterday…)! What a year it was. In January you went to Mayo and saw some specialists. You started therapy through the Morris Coop in February. We loved those therapy ladies! You had a seizure in March that really scared us all. In June we moved to Bozeman and I worked outside of the home for the first time since your were born. You adjusted really well, you especially loved going to Felicia’s house two days a week. In August you had a your really scary seizures and were air lifted to St. Paul. We are all so grateful that you pulled through with your spunky and strong spirit. In August we moved back to Minnesota, this time to our house in Fergus that you never had lived in. You saw more specialist in Minneapolis over the last few months. You started therapy here and you see three different therapist every week. You do so well in therapy and have progressed in your fine motor skills so far that you tested normal in December (in September of this you tested delayed).

You still have bottles everyday but you are learning to eat a lot more. You want big boy food in the worst way and are skeptical of food that you know is for babies. You work hard even with your low muscle tone, and are such a busy little boy. You love to run, play and climb.

You have become such a little cuddle monkey again and give me a big hug before bed every night. You love your brothers, daddy, and Legos. Your love of the movie Frozen has never wavered and whenever you have a bad day we turn it on, it is a surefire way to brighten your day.

We saw more specialists in December and you were so brave. You have been through so much in your short life. We are grateful everyday for you, you have taught us so much and enrich our lives in so many ways. May this next year be a year of happiness and peace for you.

(A few pictures of Clark on his birthday)

IMG_0202edit copy

Opening homemade cards from the boys


A New Jacket!



At his party