Picky Eats

I like food…a lot. There is just one small problem, I am the pickiest eater ever. Besides that I don’t have fancy kitchenware and cooking utensils (not even a KitchenAid mixer, although I do dream of owning one). I don’t use fancy ingredients; partially because in our small town they are not readily available, partially because I couldn’t afford them if they were available and partially because I make 90% of our meals in any given month and I need ingredients that can be used in more than one recipe.
Most of my recipes are relatively cheap, since we are on a pretty tight budget. I say relative because I am sure there are people who can eat on $50 a month. However, we like to eat things besides ramen and hot dogs and since there are only 3 in our family the money goes a little farther than it would in a family of 10.
The recipes I use are generally simple as well, since I do make most of our meals I don’t want to spend all day every day in the kitchen. So I need meals that are simple, quick and hopefully buttery and delicious too.
Bottom line; If I can make these recipes so can you! You don’t need fancy kitchenware, you don’t even really need to know how to cook, you just need to like to eat.

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